Since 1999, FOSS-On-Line has been operating in the information technology market. We currently specialize in the development, implementation and maintenance of software in the following areas:

  • Corporate email
  • Distributed data exchange.
  • Electronic document management systems.
  • User interface libraries.
  • POS software
Our products are widely used in the banking system of Ukraine, as well as in many government and commercial organizations. Among our largest Ukrainian customers are the National Bank of Ukraine, the State Treasury of Ukraine, the Pension Fund of Ukraine, the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.
Among the largest outsourcing projects: Baggage handling automation system at airports (Frankfurt, Manchester, etc.), McFit fitness center terminal network software.
FOSS-On-Line participates in the Microsoft Partner Program in the status of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner (Gold Partner). Gold partners are Microsoft's top-tier partners and have access to the tools and support they need to stay strong in the marketplace.

In the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, our mail system “FossMail” has long and well proven itself – the predecessor of a more modern email system FossDocMail. The system has been in operation since 2005 in all regional divisions of the fiscal service, the number of automated jobs is more than 1,000.

FossDocMail allows you to transfer office email between internal corporate users, as well as a variety of technological information between workstations and processes. The built-in e-mail gateway provides the ability to exchange correspondence with the outside world. Більше…

To automate the management of requests (for the allocation of resources to employees) at the National Bank of Ukraine, we have developed a solution FossLook Application based on the FossLook platform. This solution was implemented in the NBU after a preliminary period of trial operation and software development to meet the specific requirements of the NBU.

Large state and commercial organizations often have their own rules for filing and executing requests from employees for receiving any goods and materials, allocating time in a meeting room, reimbursement of travel expenses, etc. Thus, the task of organizing electronic document flow of applications is very relevant.

“Oshchadbank” is the largest state-owned bank in Ukraine, which maintains a distributed network of branches throughout the country (over 5,000 branches). The introduction of a unified secure corporate mail in the organization has been a priority for the bank almost since the transition to information technology. Starting with the use of the TCPFoss file transfer agent, since 2000 Oschadbank switched to corporate mail FossMail developed by our company. The main advantages of the FossMail system for the Bank were an email gateway, including the ability to work with the National Bank of Ukraine’s e-mail, as well as support for a built-in scripting language for integration with other banking products and automation of receiving/transmitting messages. Більше…

Night Nurse Project – custom development project for Night Nurse, Inc. (USA ). The software product is intended for use in a network of medical call centers for registering calls from patients during non-working hours (night and holidays) with subsequent transfer of information received from patients to specialized medical institutions. The product is based on the business platform FossLook with the addition of the functions required by the customer.

The baggage handling system allows passengers to take baggage carts from special depots and transport their baggage from one airport terminal to another. The user leaves a certain amount of money in cash (coins or banknotes) or pays using a bank card. When the trolley is returned to one of the baggage depot stations, the cash deposit is returned to the passenger.

FOSS-On-Line participated in this international project (ETISS) as a software developer for baggage depot servers and stations, as well as for station payment terminals Більше…

McFit is one of Europe’s largest fitness center chains, currently serving over 1 million members in Germany, Austria, Italy, Poland and Spain. All McFit centers in Germany and Austria are open 24/365. A single document that provides clients with access to the gyms of the center is a plastic membership card, which is read at the terminals at the entrance to the McFit gyms.

FOSS-On-Line participates in the international project to automate the operation of the McFit payment terminal network. Більше…