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The Night Nurse Project

Night Nurse Project – custom development project for Night Nurse, Inc. (USA ). The software product is intended for use in a network of medical call centers for registering calls from patients during non-working hours (night and holidays) with subsequent transfer of information received from patients to specialized medical institutions. The product is based on the business platform FossLook with the addition of the functions required by the customer.

The Night Nurses solution supports the following business logic:

1. The call center dispatcher receives a call from the patient and fills in the preliminary data in the call record card.
2. The system automatically finds a free operator (nanny) and transfers the call data to him/her.
3. The operator contacts the patient, receives all other data from him/her (for example, symptoms of the disease, etc. information), finally fills out the call record card and, thus, “closes” the call.
4. The system automatically faxes all received information about the call to the appropriate medical center and to the specific doctor assigned to this patient.


In addition to the implementation of the above functions, the product generates various reports on the work of dispatchers and call-center operators.