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FossLook Business Platform

FossLook is a platform for business automation. We offer ready-made solutions built on the basis of FossLook. This is an electronic document management system FossDoc, a customer relationship management system FossLook CRM, request management system FossLook Applications, cleaning company management system FossLook Cleaning and others. The capabilities of the FossLook platform can be successfully used by creating your own solutions or expanding existing ones. Our specialists are ready to help you prepare your solutions based on FossLook. Using FossLook, you can solve the problems of storing and formalizing documents, working with them (including familiarization, approval and execution), signing documents and letters using EDS and many others.

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FossLook can be useful for employees of any organization where there is a large document flow. You can create the solutions you need and use them yourself.

Creating a Document Storage

If an organization does not use any system for automating work with documents, then most often these documents are stored on the file system, which leads to problems with finding documents, delimiting access rights to them, moving documents between employees, and much more. Using FossLook, you can easily solve these problems by creating any structure for storing documents.

At the same time, it is possible to differentiate access to the storage so that different users see a different folder structure, and hence different documents. Also, each of the users can customize and display the fields of documents in their folders.

Create custom document types

The documents in FossLook are described by a certain set of characteristics. The document in FossLook is:

  • some set of fields to describe its features. You can easily create custom document types with any set of fields;
  • FossLook electronic document card;
  • a set of fields for storing links to other documents and performing a series of actions on the document, you can create bookmarks at your own discretion;
  • a set of attached files, which, in a particular case, can be the text of this document or a scanned copy of its paper original.

Document Actions

Using FossLook, you can perform a certain set of actions on documents, such as:

  • sending a document along a route for approval, execution or familiarization with it, as well as according to pre-prepared route templates;
  • automatically maintain and view the history of working with a document;
  • automatically maintain and view statistics on working with a document;
  • impose an electronic digital signature on a document and verify it;
  • link documents to each other;
  • send mail messages directly from the document and link them to the document.

System administration options

FossLook has a powerful administration system that allows you to:

  • create a virtual organization structure;
  • manage user groups and create your own groups;
  • control access to folders and documents.

You can learn more about all the features of FossLook at official site of the platform.