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Email Tax Service

In the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, our mail system “FossMail” has long and well proven itself – the predecessor of a more modern email system FossDocMail. The system has been in operation since 2005 in all regional divisions of the fiscal service, the number of automated jobs is more than 1,000.

FossDocMail allows you to transfer office email between internal corporate users, as well as a variety of technological information between workstations and processes. The built-in e-mail gateway provides the ability to exchange correspondence with the outside world.

Email System As a mail client can be used:

  • Microsoft Outlook with embedded message transport TCPFOSS.
  • Automated workspace for file sharing, built on the scripting language and message transport TCPFOSS.
  • Any email client that uses the SMTP/POP3 protocol.

The first two options allow you to take advantage of the TCPFOSS protocol, including retransfer of files in the event of a connection loss and prioritization of transmitted messages.

One of the advantages of FossMail mail is the scripting language and environment supplied with the system for their development and debugging. Using FossMail scripts, integration with third-party software is implemented, as well as automated sending and receiving of files stored by many users on the file system.