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Business automation program ERP FOSS

ERP FOSS is an online program for business automation. It will allow you to keep track of products, work with customers and suppliers, purchase and sell goods and services, create analytical reports and submit tax returns online. Ideal for private entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses. The program implements software RRO and has integration with Nova Poshta.

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To start working with the platform, go to its official website, register, choose a typical solution that best characterizes your business and start working. Detailed user documentation is provided on the product website. You can also apply for consultations using the contacts indicated on the website.

Typical solutions

Platform for online businessThe following typical solutions are supported on the platform: Trade, Store, Auto parts. Each solution is characterized by a certain set of modules that implement certain functions of managing the chosen business, as well as some features in the description of goods, etc. For example, the “Auto parts” solution contains the fields “Year of issue of a car” and “Original code” in the description of the product card, which are not found in other solutions. Try to work with your chosen solution and see for yourself the advantages of the ERP FOSS platform.

Benefits of ERP FOSS

  • access to the solution database from any device connected to the Internet in online mode
  • organization of concurrent work for several employees
  • access to data in off-line mode and uploading changed data to the database
  • reliable data storage and backup
  • restricting third party access to your data
  • technical support for users in on-line mode


The system is provided for free use to everyone who registers on the site, within 1 month. During this time, it is suggested to familiarize yourself with all its functions and try to work with your business tasks. Next, you can decide on the paid use of the system on the terms of a monthly rent, which is available to any entrepreneur. You can also combine several solutions into one. If it is necessary to modernize the existing ones or add new functions, we can conclude an appropriate contract for adding new features to the system.