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Development and Design

FOSS-On-Line has been developing custom software products since 1999. Among the areas in which we specialize are the automation of business processes and document management processes in enterprises, the development of software for networks of payment terminals, embedded systems, web solutions, including those based on open-source solutions, professional development and design of user interface elements.

The development process can be divided into the following steps:

Разработка и дизайн

  • architecture design – defining the structure of the software, documenting the interfaces of its components, developing a preliminary version of user documentation, as well as test requirements and an integration plan;
  • detailed design – a detailed description of software components and interfaces between them, updating user documentation, developing and documenting test requirements and a software component test plan, updating a component integration plan;
  • coding and testing – developing and documenting each component, as well as a set of test procedures and data for testing them, testing components, updating user documentation, updating the software integration plan;
  • software integration – the assembly of software components according with an integration plan and software testing for compliance with qualification requirements, which are a set of conditions that must be met in order to qualify a software product as meeting its specifications and ready for use in given operating conditions.