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NBU Requests (Service Desk)

To automate the management of requests (for the allocation of resources to employees) at the National Bank of Ukraine, we have developed a solution FossLook Application based on the FossLook platform. This solution was implemented in the NBU after a preliminary period of trial operation and software development to meet the specific requirements of the NBU.

Large state and commercial organizations often have their own rules for filing and executing requests from employees for receiving any goods and materials, allocating time in a meeting room, reimbursement of travel expenses, etc. Thus, the task of organizing electronic document flow of applications is very relevant.

Manage claimsThe main features of the “NBU Requests” product include the following:

1. Double routing of documents – routes are configured both for the applicant’s department and for the type of application.
2. Support for the approval of requests.
3. Signing requests using an electronic digital signature.
4. Flexible group policy of users, which may depend on the result of the approval of the request.
5. Automation of document archiving and support for printable templates.