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Electronic Mail – FossDocMail

FossDocMail system is a new generation of corporate e-mail. FossDocMail combines all the functions of e-mail and individual functions of an electronic document management system. The system allows you to transfer office electronic correspondence between internal corporate subscribers, as well as a variety of technological information between automated workstations and processes. The built-in e-mail gateway allows you to exchange correspondence with the outside world.

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Structure and purpose of system elements

FossDocMail user workstation is FossLook Client.

corporate-mailThe mail server interacts with the FossLook platform server. In turn, the workstations of mail users are connected to the FossLook server. The mail message sent from the workplace is recorded in the DBMS and then transmitted by the FossLook server using the File Transfer Agent to the mail server. All messages arriving at the address of such clients are received by the FossLook server and recorded in its database. At his workplace, the user can see his own messages stored on the FossLook server and work with them. Depending on the server settings, the user can see not only his own messages, but also the messages of other users, allows one user to work on behalf of several employees or on behalf of a department.

The server database records all technological information about the messages that have passed through it.

Basic Post Functions

  • Integrated encryption and digital signature. Implemented through the built-in mechanism of crypto-plugins. At present, the systems “Cipher” and “Istochnik” certified by the DSTZI SBU are connected. In a short time, almost any other cryptoprotection can be connected.
  • Prioritization of sending mail correspondence. There are five priorities to stop transmission of low priority messages when high priority messages appear.
  • Sending mail to a group of users. Messages are split into several copies only when the delivery route is branched, and until that moment the message goes through the communication channels in a single copy.
  • Message of delivery, non-delivery, read and unread. The sender has the opportunity to find out the time of delivery or reading of the message, as well as receive information that the correspondence was delivered or read.
  • Keeping a log of incoming, outgoing and transit mail. The mail server supports the ability to register service information about all messages passing through it. Implemented search for information about a message.
  • Archiving transmitted messages. Allows the mail server administrator to easily find and restore the contents of all messages passed through the mail server. During server operation, all messages can be selectively archived (according to specified criteria).
  • Search archives for correspondence. Implemented search for messages by specified criteria.
  • Anti-virus scanning of mail. An anti-virus scan filter is supplied separately, it integrates with the FossMail mail node. The filter is equipped with anti-virus scanning libraries and algorithms from Kaspersky Lab.
  • Global address book maintenance. The system provides the user with full access to the company’s e-mail addresses. Implemented flexible administration of addresses at the level of subnets and servers. Server address books are synchronized automatically or manually. Supports MS Outlook with FossMail address book.
  • Autoprocessing mail using scripts. Allows you to automate the sending and receiving of files even by unskilled users: files are sent to certain addresses and placed in the appropriate directories, incoming files are removed from other directories. The scripting language and environment for their development and debugging are supplied with the system, allowing you to write flexible scripts for receiving and sending files.
  • Gateway with e-mail. Allows FossMail users to work with Internet mail without directly connecting them to external mail servers. The result is more spam filtering, centralized control of Internet messaging, and enhanced virus protection by preventing FossMail attachments from automatically launching at the user’s desktop.
  • Stable operation on unreliable channels and under heavy loads. In the event of a communication channel break, the transmission of a message upon reconnection starts from the place where the break occurred, which reduces the overall traffic and eliminates the possibility of blocking communication channels due to the impossibility of a long message. Under heavy loads, it is possible to distribute mail server tasks between several machines.
  • Support for standard protocols (TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3) and interfaces (MAPI). Allows the system to communicate with other applications, support these common standards (SMTP, POP3), and use public networks (TCP/IP).
  • Duplicate message protection. This feature reduces the load on communication channels and protects the transmission of messages between workplaces from re-accepting the same information.
  • Automatic mail compression. Implemented for TCPFOSS message transport. Significantly reduces traffic and load of communication channels.

Functions of electronic document management

  • Centralized storage of messages and documents. The system stores all messages and documents in one database on the organization’s server (rather than on individual computers of employees). In case of any issues, the administrator can reinstall the server and restore the database from a backup without affecting the work of other users.
  • Powerful administration tools. The FossDocMail administrator has at his disposal the Smart Client program that interacts with the FossLook server, with which you can perform the following tasks:
    • visual representation of the organization’s structure in the form of a hierarchical tree of departments directory, accessible from the administration program
    • automated user creation using the Import Employees from Windows Active Directory Wizard
    • automatic assignment of FossMail mailing address prefix according to the location of the department in the hierarchy of the organization
    • delegation of user rights from one to another (tasks of acting duties), work with groups;
    • organization of work of employees with mailboxes of departments (based on delegation of rights);
    • centralized management of users’ contacts and address books.
  • Encrypt and decrypt emails and documents. Supports work with EDS and, in particular, work with cryptographic protection certificates of the National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Search for letters and documents. Search tools integrated into the client workstation allow you to set search conditions of any complexity using Boolean algebra. Full-text search of subdocuments is also possible.
  • Immediate notification of incoming letters and documents. The user can set up a prompt message about new letters (documents) that have come to him and run a special notifier program. Even without a running client, the notifier will tell you when new emails have arrived.

At the request of the customer, the system can be supplemented with document management system modules that support, for example, document routing, history and statistics of work with documents, etc.

You can learn more about the system at official product website.