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FossDoc Document Management System

An example of a solution that automates office work and document management based on the FossLook platform is the FossDoc electronic document management system developed by FOSS-On-Line. This system includes a set of types of documents used in classical office work – Incoming letter, Appeals of citizens, Order and many others. These documents can be entered directly, and can also be prepared based on a document project. Projects allow multi-user work on document approval with committed result at each approval stage (document versions).

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FossDoc also supports automatic numbering of documents when registering them in the office: registration is possible both in the main office and in the offices of individual divisions of the enterprise, with their own numbering. The mechanism of working with resolutions is supported. The System automates the work of the document execution control department. Employees of the control department can send a document for control, set deadlines, etc.

electronic document managementThe system provides a storage of paper copies of documents that were issued to employees. The nomenclature of affairs and discarding of documents are supported. Analytical reports on the status of work on documents and employment of employees are supported too.

FossDoc EDMS will suit both large and small organizations, both state and commercial forms of ownership. FossDoc contains modules that expand the capabilities of the system. You can find the full list of FossDoc features at official website of the product.

Following are the main features of FossDoc:

Document Storage

Documents are stored centrally in a single database, which can be managed by MS SQL Server, My SQL or Oracle. The system has powerful document search tools (including full-text search). Details about the DBMS for the FossLook platform and the FossDoc EDMS can be found in this article.

Mail server

The system provides the functions of a full-fledged mail server. All mail messages are stored in the DBMS with which the FossDoc server interacts. Client programs are connected to the server – user workstations that display mail messages in the corresponding mailboxes. The user has access to his/her mail from any computer on which client software is installed – FossDoc Client for Windows. You can also connect to the server using a regular web browser – the server will provide you with a web interface. In turn, the FossDoc server interacts with the Internet Mail plug-in, which acts as a mail server. Through this module, mail messages are sent to and from the outside world. You can create user mailboxes both on your own domain and on external mail servers such as, FossDoc acts as a client for these servers. You can connect to the Internet Mail module with standard mail clients, including mobile devices using the SMTP / POP3 protocols.

You can learn more about the mail server in article.

Document Libraries

You can design documents of any type and complexity using the functionality of FossDoc Document Libraries. To quickly get started with your documents: just add fields, select needed features, assign a folder to a document, and “share” it with users – it’s as simple as that. Read more in article.

Document Routing

In the system, both pre-designed and free routes, specified by the user in the process of working on a document, are possible. You can create both parallel and sequential routes for document movement, combine them with logical AND / OR conditions, use a message about the completion of individual stages of the routes, etc. For more information about routing, see article.

History and statistics of working with documents

You will always know who is the author of certain changes in the document, how long the document was edited by the user and other information using the functions of the History and Statistics modules for working with documents. Read more in article.

Electronic digital signature (EDS)

The necessary conditions for modern document management are the guarantee of the authenticity of the actions performed by the user and the integrity of the information entered by him, which can only be provided by the Electronic Digital Signature (EDS). Working with EDS.

Permissions and access levels to documents and folders

The system provides a powerful service for restricting user access to any objects, including document folders, documents themselves, as well as files attached to a document. Read more about access levels in article.

Linking documents to each other

FossDoc allows you to create master-subordinate links between documents, establish cross-references between documents, and track link data. See Link Documents.

Templates for printing documents

The system is integrated with the popular office software – MS Word text editor and allows you to create and edit document templates – details.