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LDAP Administration System Userbooster

Userbooster is a program for managing directory services (such as Active Directory, eDirectory and OpenLDAP) and monitoring enterprise IT resources. The product was created as part of an outsourcing project commissioned by maxcrc GmbH (Germany). Userbooster is offered in three versions – free version, Userbooster Light and Userbooster Professional. At the official website of the product you can learn more about Userbooster features, download or buy a product, get qualified technical support.

Userbooster - manager
Key features of Userbooster:

  • Support for multiple directory service providers (Microsoft, Novell, OpenLDAP). Userbooster uses the OpenLDAP libldap library API to work with LDAP servers. This library provides a reliable and secure connection and supports LDAP when working over TCP, SSL and IPC protocols.
  • Convenient object controls. Supports the ability to view objects, both in the tree and in the list; simultaneous editing of the properties of many objects; use of Drag and Drop technology, etc.
  • Modern user interface. Customizable toolbars; support for visual interface themes; navigation bar for pages of objects, etc. Support for connection profiles. Storing settings for connection profiles to servers grouped by LDAP server type; a simple server connection wizard; support for SSL/TLS connections.
  • Data filtering mechanism. Limiting the number of object catalog services output by using predefined or user-defined filters.
  • Find and replace service. Allows “on the fly” to find and replace objects on the server, both in a tree-like way of browsing directories, and list. You can set up search and replace in both “one by one” and “find and replace all” modes.
  • Export/import data. You can export the uploaded files to a directory service or to a file (CSV, LDIF or XLS formats). Similarly, you can import data from a directory service or file. Selected objects can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file for further analysis.
  • Implementation of various LDAP sessions. Support for various versions of LDAP protocols (1,2 and 3). Advanced settings for session properties and more
  • Reports. Generation of HTML reports for printing based on custom XSLT template files. Userbooster comes with a separate Web Monitor application that allows you to view HTML reports in real time.
  • Support for task automation. Userbooster allows you to manage tasks using the command line, as well as automatically perform certain tasks using the Windows Scheduler.
  • And other features. English and German localization. Logging events in the system with their classification (error, warning, success, etc.). Multi-threaded execution of operations, with the possibility of stopping them (for example, loading large data), etc.